Orthodontics in Arvada, CO

Orthodontics in Arvada, CO

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that solely focuses on tooth alignment, which is a common issue among individuals of all age groups. The misalignment of teeth can happen due to various reasons, including missing teeth, abnormal jawbone growth, external trauma, or sometimes even heredity. The widely preferred orthodontic appliances are metal braces, clear braces, ClearCorrect, oral retainers, etc. At Table Mountain Dental in Arvada, we offer ClearCorrect braces for patients who wish to have a discreet treatment to solve their alignment issues.

What Is Clear Correct?

Clear Correct is a highly innovative orthodontic aligner made from transparent plastic. The aligners are custom-made based on the severity of the patient's teeth misalignment. The aligners are practically invisible when worn, giving the patients a discreet appearance whenever they smile or talk. However, this doesn't affect the efficiency of the aligners.

What Are the Benefits of ClearCorrect?

There are numerous benefits of Clear Correct aligners, including:

  • The aligners do not affect the aesthetics of a patient's smile during the treatment.
  • There are no restrictions on your foods and oral hygiene because the aligners are removable.
  • They are easy on the soft tissues of the mouth as it is made from plastic.
  • The possibility of wounding your mouth is negligible.
  • The patient will have a clear picture of their smile post the treatment completion.
  • The advanced technology allows the patient to be involved in the treatment process.
  • Fewer dental visits will be required.

What Is the Procedure For ClearCorrect? 

The procedure for ClearCorrect will begin with the scanning of the teeth using a handheld device. The data collected from the scanning would be transferred to a computer and displayed on a screen. The teeth will be digitally aligned, and impressions are taken. These impressions will be utilized to fabricate the aligners for various phases of the treatment.

Once the aligners are ready, we will give you instructions on how to use them correctly. They will have to be worn throughout the day and night as well. But, you can remove the aligners to have your meals or brush your teeth. But before putting back the aligners, make sure you clean your teeth thoroughly. Further, a new set of aligners will have to be used once every two weeks to progress to the next phase of treatment. The treatment duration will be based on the severity of misalignment and could take anywhere between six months to a couple of years.

If you're interested in learning more about our orthodontic treatments, specifically the ClearCorrect procedure, call us at Table Mountain Dental in Arvada, CO 80004, at (720) 749-2711, and schedule an appointment.


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