Clear Correct Aligner Therapy

Clear Correct

At Table Mountain Dental, we offer Clear Correct treatments for children and adults who dramatically want to improve the look and feel of their smiles.Complimentary Digital Scanning

No more goopy impressions! We can seamlessly and quickly take a digital impression by scanning your smile with a wand like scanner. This will ensure a perfect fit of your Clear Correct aligners.3D Models of your Treatment

We'll email you a 3D model of every step of your Clear Correct treatment, viewable right in your web browser. This way you'll know exactly what your smile will look like each step of the way.Clear Correct Clear Aligners

After you approve your 3D models, your custom Clear Correct aligners will arrive in no time! Our expert doctors will deliver your aligners to ensure the perfect fit every time.New Aligners Along the Way

As your smile changes, so will your Clear Correct aligners. Just a quick stop into our office and our doctors will deliver the new aligners for the next step of transformation..Enjoy the Transformation

Theres nothing more fulfilling than guiding our patients to achieve the smile they've always wanted. Our Clear Correct experts at Table Mountain Dental are here to serve you and create the smile you deserve!

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