Helpful Tips To Ease Dental Fear

Helpful Tips To Ease Dental Fear

Posted by Table Mountain on Mar 18 2023, 11:13 PM

Dental anxiety or dental fear is a common problem among people. Patients may avoid dental visits because of dental anxiety. It can lead to severe dental complications if left untreated.

Discuss your dental fear with your dentist

During your first appointment, take the time to discuss your concerns and fears with your dentist. She/he will listen to what you have to say and try to address your fears and provide solutions to ease your worries. By discussing them openly, you can come to a mutual decision that will work best for both of you. With a good attitude and the understanding and support of your dentist and staff, you will surely overcome your fear and experience comfortable dental care.

Agree on a signal to give your dentist when you need a break

Talk to your dentist about your fear of dental procedures and agree on a signal to let them know you need a break or stop a procedure. Ask your dentist what steps they should take if you need to stop the procedure.

Take a friend or family member with you for emotional support

Bringing along a loved one for support and comfort during dental treatment is a great way to overcome your fear of dentists. Even if your loved one is not a patient in your dentist’s room, they will still be able to help distract you with conversation or other activities in the waiting room. Aside from that, it’s comforting to know that someone has your back while you’re undergoing a potentially uncomfortable procedure. They can keep you distracted from the procedures taking place. It’s also helpful to have someone to drive you home afterward.

Bring distractions to occupy your mind during procedures

Drastically altering your perception during the appointment will help you overcome your fear and anxiety. Take out your favorite book or entertainment device and use it to block out the noise of drills and other dental equipment. Listening to music or watching your favorite movie can help you stay calm and relaxed as well. You can bring headphones and listen to your favorite music or podcast to drown out the sounds of the office. 

Ask for dental sedation

If dental anxiety stops you from getting the dental care you need, discuss the sedation options with your dentist to see if any of them would be a good fit for you.

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